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It's good to be Aaron Rodgers. He's a Super Bowl champion, the reigning NFL MVP, and one of the most popular athletes in the world. Recently, he partnered with Prevea Health to be a part of their Healthier Northeast Wisconsin and Lakeshore Campaign. When LAUNCH was contacted by Imaginasium to photograph Aaron for everything from Billboards to life size wall prints we were excited to take on the challenge. The photo-shoot happened on the same day and at the same location as the commercial spots, meaning we had limited time and space. Logistically, it was difficult to find a way to shoot Aaron so that it appeared he was in several different environments without leaving the area we were given. We were lucky in that our location not only had enough room for us to set up a white sweep, but it also had a balcony making it simpler to find a few different backgrounds to put Aaron in. To say there was a full house would be an understatement. Not only were we competing with the video team for elbow room, but there was also a set photographer, and a camera crew from 60 Minutes filming a segment about Rodgers. After our hour with Aaron we ended up with some great photos for Prevea as well as a new found respect for Aaron. We've all seen what he can do on the field, but we were blown away at how he conducts himself off it. He was kind, well grounded, intelligent, and has a great perspective on where he is in his career.

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