Rodgers teams up with Prevea
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It’s good to be Aaron Rodgers. He’s a Super Bowl champion, the reigning NFL MVP, and one of the most popular athletes in the world. Recently, he partnered with Prevea Health to be a part of their Healthier Northeast Wisconsin and Lakeshore Campaign. When LAUNCH was contacted by Imaginasium to photograph Aaron for everything from Billboards to life size wall … Read more →

MetJet Animated Spot
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Having the opportunity to work on a fully animated spot is always exciting. Breaking layers apart, creatively solving problems with existing limitations, and timing movement to audio; that’s when you really get to dig deep into your applications. Speed graph editors, writing expressions, parenting nulls, continuously rasterize vector layers, and lots of key-frames are what get Ryan excited about projects … Read more →

Torc 2012
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Off road truck racing has been around since the early 1900’s, but has gained in popularity over the past 40 years. Three years ago DJ was asked to be a camera operator on documentary style TV show highlighting the drivers and families of one specific circuit, the “Torc Series”.  This year the show, named “Torc: The Off Road Championship” will make the … Read more →

BBJ-The People You Should Know
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Every year the Bay Business Journal highlights some of the most influential people in our area with their “People You Should Know” series. Kris has been working with the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce on this issue since 2005 and it’s always been a fun collaboration. It’s an opportunity for us to try new and interesting techniques. This year 20 innovators … Read more →

Ryan’s Big Break
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When you talk to Ryan, it doesn’t take long to learn two of his passions are editing, and skiing. Recently, he got to combine his love of work and play as our model in an ad for Southwest Health Center. The concept of the ad is that they’ll get you out of the hospital and back to doing the things … Read more →

Ice Fishing Reality Show
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With thermometers pushing past the 70’s as of late, ice fishing is probably the last thing on your to do list. Two weekends ago, however, DJ was braving the ice as a camera operator on a potential reality show featuring three ice fishing expedition crews. The show will strive to be a blend of “Ice Road Truckers” and “Swamp People”, … Read more →

Road Trip
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Tuesday night Drew and D.J. were Milwaukee bound for an early Wednesday photo-shoot. Briana Holubar helped out, taking care of the hair and make-up. We met some really fun people on the shoot and found time to meet up with some old friends while in town.    

Superior Specialties
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A while back, LAUNCH had the opportunity to work on the new Superior Specialties brochure. Sarah Fridel helped us out, working as the stylist and creating the paper figure that appeared on the cover. Superior Specialties, who specialize in paper made for the photographic and display industries, has been an ongoing client of ours through the years. We always strive … Read more →

Schneider National – Quarry Trucks
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Schneider National commissioned us to create dynamic and hero-like imagery for a new service line. Location and weather were two of the major challenges with this project. The client wanted the environment to have an industrial vibe with a dramatic feel. We were on a tight schedule, and it was a sunny, cloudless morning. This presented us with the challenge of … Read more →

Schneider National – Ride of Pride
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The Ride of Pride program is a way to honor of all military veterans and show support.  LAUNCH was asked to photograph the two Ride of Pride trucks Schneider was awarded in 2011. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to create a dramatic documentation of these amazing trucks, and the people that drive them. back

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Advertising agency, Traction Factory, approached us to help create a humorous, over the top public service announcement campaign for the fictional character, Sheriff Harold Brierski. A series of broadcast commercials, web shorts, and a billboard featured a public safety style campaign where Sheriff Brierski warns of the potential dangers of listening to WKLH in various situations. back    

Janet Planet NYC Shoot
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Above is the album jacket for “Janet Planet Sings the Bob Dylan Songbook Vol.1” LAUNCH was hired by Allen James Design to photograph Janet Planet’s latest album cover as well as shoot and provide post production of the “Tonight I’ll Be Waiting Here For You” music video. Both photography and video were shot on location in Bob Dylan’s old stomping grounds in New … Read more →

Artist David Aschenbrener
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“Fire and Ice” is a documentary that looks at the insight and creative process of artist David Aschenbrener as he transforms ice into bronze sculptures.   The project was shot over the course of six months throughout areas of central Wisconsin. Some of David’s process was unable to be documented due to his personal techniques, acquired through years of trial … Read more →

BayCare Clinic: Coronary
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BayCare commissioned us to write, produce and shoot a series of spots that humorously depict the patient-doctor relationship. During location scouting we found the only way to effectively light and shoot this spot was to create a salon in our studio rather than confining ourselves to an existing environment. This allowed us to control all aspects of production including the … Read more →

Cabo San Lucas Photo Shoot
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It’s not often that are you asked to go to Cabo San Lucas for a photo shoot, but getting to go twice is even more rare. Kris and Drew both went down to shoot architectural photography for Sandra Espinet for articles that were submitted and published in the January 2010 edition Architecture Digest, and Cabo Living. Here’s a small look … Read more →