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"Fire and Ice" is a documentary that looks at the insight and creative process of artist David Aschenbrener as he transforms ice into bronze sculptures.   The project was shot over the course of six months throughout areas of central Wisconsin. Some of David's process was unable to be documented due to his personal techniques, acquired through years of trial and error.  The video features the artist at work in his studio, finding inspiration for his next sculpture, as well as some of the process for finishing his work through collaboration with Vanguard Sculpture Services and a local glass smith.   David's work can be found at   "From a small town in Northern Wisconsin emerges an artist with a vision to integrate his medium with the magnificence of the natural world. David Aschenbrener has been on a personal journey of artistic expression for more than twenty years, traveling full circle in his aspiration to 'imagine what has never been.'"   "Through the ‘lost wax’ method of casting bronze David rearranges and captures the beauty and wonder that permeates the natural world. Having spent twenty years studying and experimenting with this exquisite art medium, the possibilities are as endless as his imagination." quoted from:

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