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Having the opportunity to work on a fully animated spot is always exciting. Breaking layers apart, creatively solving problems with existing limitations, and timing movement to audio; that's when you really get to dig deep into your applications. Speed graph editors, writing expressions, parenting nulls, continuously rasterize vector layers, and lots of key-frames are what get Ryan excited about projects like the MetJet commercial LAUNCH recently created. Because we had a short deadline for this project it was critical to focus on setting up the project with clear goals in mind. For this spot we were supplied with layered Photoshop and Illustrator files and allowed by our client, Prophit Marketing, to let loose on the animation based on the timing and music selection. To properly envision where to go with the spot, Ryan story-boarded out the movements and constantly played the spot in his head before animating a single frame. After getting the general pacing in place with a simplified animatic, Ryan dove into how each story board would transition from one to the other. In the end there were over 200 layers and too many key-frames to count and for Ryan, the process is just as rewarding as the result. Here's a small glimpse in to the animation timeline, try not to get lost!  

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