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Off road truck racing has been around since the early 1900's, but has gained in popularity over the past 40 years. Three years ago DJ was asked to be a camera operator on documentary style TV show highlighting the drivers and families of one specific circuit, the "Torc Series".  This year the show, named "Torc: The Off Road Championship" will make the move from Velocity to the SPEED Network. The first race in this year's schedule was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in addition to being the subject of the TV show, the race itself was also broadcast live on SPEED. DJ's job on the show is mainly shooting interviews with the drivers and getting "beauty shots" to inter-cut into the show. The first race went off without a hitch, and the weather was perfect. The first episode is set to air this fall, while the next race is May 26th and 27th in Michigan. Here are some photos DJ was able to grab before interviews and during time-lapse shots.

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